SUNDAY, January 01, 2020 — The FEAST of the EPIPHANY

The Feast of Ephiphany
Today we celebrate the wonderful Feast of the Epiphany, when Jesus is revealed to all the nations as the Son of God.  This feast contains so many messages and images that are cornerstones fo rour faith.  Here are a few.
  • The Magi do not travel alone.  Although they are from different locations, the Magi come together to seek the king.  In a similar way, we do not travel alone.  We are part of a community of Believers that supports, nourishes, and challenges each other.
  • The Magi observe signs.  The Magi are led to Jesus because they are observant of a sign—the star.  As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to be observant of the many signs of God’s presence in this world.
  • The Magi seek direction.  The Magi are not too proud to stop and ask for directions from others so that they can find the newborn king.  As Christians, we are called to be constantly seeking direction through ongoing enrichment, looking to others to help us find Jesus in our lives.
  • The Magi offer gifts.  The gifts that the Magi offer are of great value.  Of no less value are the gifts that we offer to our Lord.  We offer our time and talent to serve him, and we offer our teaching abilities to bring others to him.  In essence, we offer our very selves.
  • The Magi departed by another way.  After encountering the newborn king, the lives of the Magi were forever changed.  They followed a different way.  We are called to ongoing conversion, that we may continue to follow a different way—Jesus—who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • No doubt the Magi shared their epiphany with others.  Although Scripture does not tell us this, it is no great stretch to imagine that the Magi, who traveled so far at such great expense, shared the story of their epiphany with others.  As Christians, we are called to share our own epiphanies with others—those times when God has been revealed to us—so that those around us may be led to their own epiphanies of God, Emmanuel, who is truly with us.

Church Picnic
Please join us at Noon today, Sunday, July 23rd for our Church Picnic and Food With Friends Volunteers Thank You Gathering at our Church and on the Parish Green.  Special Thank You to all the FWF Volunteers who work every month to make this Ministry so incredibly impactful for our community.  Thank you for everyone who helped make this Gathering a success.

Food With Friends - Meeting

Tuesday, July 25th
6:00 pm ET
All Saint Episcopal Church, Hall
9 Old Locust Ave
Fallsington, PA 19054
Planning Meeting for the Meal on Tuesday, August 8th

Food Pantry
We continue to collect can goods and other non-perishable items for the Food Pantry located at
      Harvest Ministries — Cornwells Heights United Methodist Church
      2284 Bristol Pike
      Bensalem, PA 19020

Hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 9am - 12pm

Thank you for your continued generous support of this amazing Ministry.  Feeding the needs of hungry families here in our own community.  God Bless you for your amazing Giving Hearts.

Bow Wow Wow Ministry
We continue to collect gently used linens, sheets, blankets, and bath towels to donate to local area animal shelters.  We ask you to continue your incredible generocity.

Your wonderful generocity helps provide vulnerable animals with comfort when they most need it.  Thank you from all the little ones that cannot say it for themselves.

Readings for Next Week
   July 30th – 17th Sunday of the Year
    First Reading   1 Kings 3, 5, 7-12 God gives Solomon a choice of gifts. Solomon asks God for "an understanding mind," so that he could always do what was just and best for his subjects. God rewards him with the gift of wisdom making him the wisest man that ever lived.

Responsorial Psalm   Psalm 119 Lord, I love your commands.

Second Reading   Romans 8: 28-30 The graciousness and mercy of God at work in calling men to himself, justifying them, and glorifying them as well. The point of the reading is the eternal mystery of the ineffable love of God for man, even before man existed.

Gospel   Matthew 13: 44-46   All Christians are called on to imitate the two wise men, and surrender all their earthly possessions if necessary in order to gain eternal life.  Does this "giving all" mean that we are all expected to abandon the world and take on the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience?  There are many who do just this.  But it is not the only way, nor the normal way, to purchase the eternal treasure.  Heaven is within the reach of all, who follow the ordinary vocations of life and partake of this world's joys and pleasures within the framework of God's commandments, but never lose sight of the goal toward which they are moving.